Whether it’s as basic as a small structural frame, a tank or bin, or a complex fabrication project, NCMF can design and recommend arrangements for your projects.

For one-off projects the design considerations are more functional and direct- cost related. For prototyping and volume production (contract manufacturing) design projects, NCMF’s long history of volume production operations inform the process to build the basis of design on additional factors such as production economies, maintenance support considerations and warranty/ liability issues.

Machines are complex assemblies of physical components, fittings and sub-assemblies that together, accomplish a specific and identifiable task.  NCMF can assist you with the design of any required machines – either standalone or for integration into a larger system. In cases where there may be highly specialized engineering resources required, NCMF is ready to work with customer engineering resources or source third-party specialists to provide the required expertise to make your project a success.

NCMF can also integrate commercially available components and sub-assemblies into custom designed and fabricated packages. From pumps to materials handling equipment and an infinite variety of applications, NCMF will work with your equipment supplier of choice to build modules and complete machines to your specifications.


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