NCMF has some forty years of high- volume production experience in our Debert, Nova Scotia facility producing complex machines in mass quantities for national and international wholesale distribution. Our facility has historically produced over 5,000 complex unit assemblies annually – these consisting of hundreds-of- thousands of individual components, fittings and sub-assemblies.

This experience extends well beyond simple fabrication/ ship activities and includes the entire spectrum of product production and allied services that may be required by our customers. These services include:

• Product development & design

• Prototyping & preliminary testing

• Value engineering

• Production engineering

• Metal forming, welding & fabrication

• Finish & painting

• Assembly & packaging

• Document production & control

• Quality control/ Quality assurance

• Inventory management

• Logistics

Our inventory management and logistics capabilities extend beyond handling finished goods inventory. Additional services may include maintaining replacement parts inventories and managing customer contact and fulfillment functions on behalf of our customers. 


NCMF has experience with volume production and support of equipment including thermal/ heat transfer, combustion, mechanical, electrical, structural, electronic and control subsystems. Most of our experience has been with products that must be certified and listed as conforming to national or international technical standards such as Canadian Standards Association (CSA), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) or Underwriters Laboratory (UL) to name only a few.


Let NCMF put their experience to work for you!



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