NCMF has approximately 60,000 square feet (5,574 square metres) of plant and utility space in their facility at Debert, Nova Scotia, Canada. A tenured, experienced team of management and production employees work in concert to deliver the highest levels of customer service and cost effective product solutions for our customers. 

The plant is equipped with many metal forming, welding, finish and assembly stations including:

• Pierce-all Fabricator (50 tons)
• Presses to 200 tons with a large stock of unit tooling for gang punching
• Numerous press brakes to 10 feet in length for a variety of specific forming activities
• Shears up to 1/4  inch X 10 feet in mild steel
• Rolls
• CNC torch & plasma table 72 inch X 144 inch
• CNC 45 station turret punch with standard and specialized tooling 60 inch X 144 inch sheet capacity with repositioning
• Over 20 welding stations (MIG, TIG and stick)
• Three 50 KVA spot welding stations with 36 inch throat
• Drill presses to 5 inch diameter
• Miscellaneous shop equipment including band saws, cut-off  saws, radial arm saws, etc.
• Miscellaneous material handling equipment including 5,000 pound capacity propane and electric forklifts, pallet jacks, jib cranes, etc.
• Overhead bridge crane 10 ton, 50 feet X 250 feet
• 300 foot overhead conveyor paint/coating line complete with two-stage degrease, reverse osmosis rinse, dryer oven, electrostatic paint/ coating application and oven bake unit
• Three pneumatically equipped assembly and packaging lines
• Electrical harness and wiring department

NCMF also regularly cooperates with a diverse group of other fabrication, construction and specialty service companies to deliver projects with a wide variety of production needs. 



General Enquiries:

T: (902)662-2220 



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