Custom One-Off and Short-Run Metal Fabrication

NCMF’s custom shop can design and produce a wide variety of unique components, sub-assemblies and machines. Whether for marine/offshore, agricultural, transportation, utilities or general commercial or industrial facilities application, NCMF can support your fabrication requirements.

Our metal fitters, fabricators, welders and assemblers produce products from a wide variety of metal and non-metal materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other alloys. NCMF can also integrate commercially available components and sub-assemblies into custom designed and fabricated packages. From pumps to materials handling equipment - and an infinite variety of applications - NCMF will work with your equipment supplier of choice to build modules and complete assemblies to your specifications.

Volume Production (Contract Manufacturing)

NCMF has some forty years of high- volume production experience producing complex machines in mass quantities for national and international wholesale distribution. Our facility has historically produced over 5,000 complex unit assemblies annually – these consisting of hundreds-of- thousands of individual components, fittings and sub-assemblies. NCMF developed and manufactured the Newmac line of products from 1977 to 2014 and continue to manufacture the line under OEM agreement with USSC. This experience extends well beyond simple fabrication/ship activities and includes the entire spectrum of product production and allied services that may be required by our customers.

These services include:

• Product development & design
• Prototyping & preliminary testing
• Value engineering
• Production engineering
• Metal forming, welding & fabrication
• Finish & painting
• Assembly & packaging
• Document production & control
• Quality control/ Quality assurance
• Inventory management
• Logistics


General Enquiries:

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Sales Enquiries:

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